About Us

Who We Are
  • Release Week Media is a publisher, investor and advertising firm that delivers media partnerships for leading performance driven MMORPG, Battle Royale, Racing, eSports, Anime and RPG communities.
  • Founded in 2007, Delivered 1,000 branded media campaigns to date engaging 20,000,000 influential gamers each month.
What We Do
  • Leverage site and social environments connecting our loyal fans to your titles.
  • Deliver display, video media, content services and social influencers covering firsts in games and gamer discussions.
  • Provide premium content and exclusive audience reach that cannot be reached on our competitor’s sites.
How We Do It
  • Organically grown owned & operated sites.
  • Exclusive publications with high engagement.
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Release Week Media’s audience is very loyal, and cannot be reached anywhere else. The duplication data shows less than 3% overlap with other major lifestyle and gaming publications.

Release Week Media’s impact media cannot be duplicated or purchased anywhere else – not on networks, not on ad exchanges, not on social, not on YouTube or Twitch.

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Connect your brand to large site communities and engage your target audiences efficiently.

Release Week owns, operates and manages a suite of leading online destinations. From products & games to entertainment & pop-culture, Release Week helps marketers make their media campaign giant in size.

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Custom Solutions





Custom solutions are designed with user engagement in mind. We offer a variety of solutions to reach our audience.
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Our Work


Are you ready to improve on the online, mobile and video monetization of your large destination site?

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