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Release Week is a digital first agency honoring your unique brand and product story.

We’re the tech-driven media companion that guides you in forging connections with your intended audience. Seamlessly blending digital, social, influencers, and events, we craft and execute strategies during pivotal sales periods, particularly during new product releases.

Our mission? To honor your brand’s essence while achieving your sales and product positioning goals with unwavering precision. We align your product with curious consumers through digital mastery, compelling social narratives, influencer allure, and unforgettable events – all orchestrated for those pivotal sales moments.

At Release Week, we infuse tech innovation with strategic media finesse. We’re here to help you lead; we’re here to support, guiding your brand and products towards new successes.

Our diverse clientele is a tapestry of both innovators and story tellers in Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Video Games, Movie Studios, Technology, and more.

Our Services

Experience Management

We’re your partners in creating exceptional moments that resonate both online and offline. Specializing in seamless digital experiences and captivating live social events management, we craft immersive journeys that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact.

Growth Marketing

We drive growth through innovative strategies and data-driven campaigns across digital and real-world channels. We are your partner in unlocking opportunities and achieving exceptional results.

Brand Management

We specialize in curating exceptional journeys that transcend the ordinary. With a dedicated focus on managing product releases, building brands, and forging audience connections that result in product sales and brand awareness.

Data and Tech Analysis

Yuck, right? Well, not exactly. We understand the value of Data and Trends. We dig into the market research, segmentation, and advanced analytics. Then deliver an easy to understand assessment of the performance analytics and demographic data, yielding actionable insights.

Strategy and General Management

We offer qualified management consulting that blends our perspective with your current brand and product messaging, media distribution strategy, and general management structure. This popular immersive option allows us to work closely with you and your team on-site and further position your products and brands for successes in a world that moves at the speed of culture.

Why The Sheep?

Conformity associations can be linked to sheep imagery. Our deliberate choice of a sheep as our company logo aims to challenge stereotypes and initiate thought-provoking discussions with both our team and clients who embrace individuality rather than conforming to the herd.

This brings us to the heart of our guiding principles that define our unique business perspective which helps our clients successful at making Audience Connections.

RW Sheep
Our Guiding Principles


We believe authenticity cuts through and stands out in cultural trends. In a world dominated by curated images and social media highlight reels, we believe in a brand’s commitment to making a genuine and real connection with consumers and audiences.

Environmental and Ethical Values

We understand the importance of sustainability, eco-friendliness and ethical practices, which resonate with audiences who prioritize these values in their purchasing decisions.

Playfulness and Nostalgia

We trust that having fun counts for consumers. We help make brands fun that will inspire audiences to consume and share with passion. Depending on the design and context, relatable marketing can make the difference.

Work Ethic and Patience

We actualize qualities like hard work, patience, and persistence.

Community and Connection

Marketing moves at the Speed of Culture. And we are a culture of sharers. We blend Sharing and Caring, attributes that audiences admire and strive for in their lives as well as marketing consumption, into our social and community communications for clients.



930 Tahoe Blvd Ste. 802 PMB 238 Incline Village, NV 89451